Wednesday March 31st - Birds

Springtime is a great time to see garden birds as they are active in building nests and laying eggs. It would not be unusual to see at least 10 different varieties of birds if you make your garden bird friendly. You can feed birds throughout the year but in spring they need to find more food to feed their chicks. You can get bird seed from many shops.

Scattering the seed on the ground will attract the larger birds such as wood pigeons and magpies but they will quickly eat the seed, leaving none for other varieties.Robin


So you may need to put the seed or pellets into a feeder to reserve the food for the small birds such as robins, blue tits and sparrows. Mealworms or fat pellets are a particular favourite.  

The colourful goldfinch loves Nijer seeds for which you need a special feeder.

Why not build a bird box to help with nesting. The RSPB has a great website with details on how to build a bird box.

Make a list of the birds you see. You can identify them using the Bird Identifier on the RSPB website.   Happy bird watching!

There is also lots of interesting information on the Surrey Wildlife Trust site.