Thursday April 1st - Maundy Thursday

This day commemorates the Washing of Feet and the Last Supper held by Jesus and his disciples before his arrest and execution.

I don’t like feet - as a nurse I washed many of them! Feet are very basic things, washing them a mundane task. But it is also very personal….and can be a moment of tenderness if you are washing the person’s feet because they are unable to do so themselves. Maybe that’s why this rather intimate moment is embarrassing during a service. I am so glad we don’t do it!!!    Liz

Love Each Other (All the room was hushed and still)

All the room was hushed and still
And when the bowl was filled
He stooped to wash their feet
And when it was complete, he said

This is what I'm asking you to do
This is why I'm kneeling here beside you
This is what I want my church to be
This is what I want the world to see
Who it is you follow

Love each other
One another
Love each other
In the way that I have loved you
Walk together
And whatever comes
Love each other
In the way that I have loved you

Let the room be hushed and still
Let us go to where he kneels
And join him as he serves
And learn his ways of love

Graham Kendrick  
Copyright © 2009 Make Way Music
You can listen to this song here 
Love Each Other - Graham Kendrick - Lyric Video - YouTube   

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