Thursday March 18th - Bring more of what I dream

Bring More of What I Dream

O God,
who out of nothing
 brought everything that is,
out of what I am
 bring more of what I dream
  but haven’t dared;
direct my power and passion
 to creating life
  where there is death,
 to putting flesh of action
  on bare boned intentions,
to lighting fires
 against the midnight of indifference,
to throwing bridges of care
 across canyons of loneliness;
so I can look on creation,
 together with you,
  and, behold,
  call it very good;
through Jesus Christ my Lord.

Ted Loder

From Guerrillas of Grace: Prayers for the Battle by Ted Loder.  The Rev. Dr. Theodore W. Loder is a retired Methodist minister who served for almost thirty-eight years as Senior Minister of one of Philadelphia's most unusual churches The First United Methodist Church in Germantown. . He is known for his artistic political activism and passion for social justice.