Saturday 6th March - Count your blessing jar

Count your blessings jarThis could be great activity as a family, or if you live alone.

Take an empty jam jar, a small box and a pencil. Into the small box put some slips of paper. Every time something makes you (any of you) smile or feel happy and grateful, write it down on a slip of paper and pop it in the jar. Once a week, on your own or together, empty the jar and look at all the things you have been blessed with. Thank God for them. Pray for people who have blessed you.

This could be particularly poignant during this bewildering time of pandemic, which reminds me…’s okay to be sad too! We have all lost something during this last year….it may be the worst that can have happened and you lost a loved one and the rites of passage that go alongside their death have been different too. We are truly sorry.

There have been other losses.

For me it has been times NOT spent with family and friends. I missed a grandson’s birthday last March 31st….am I going to have to miss it again this year? He will be 10, so hard for him too. I still have Christmas and birthday gifts to give….as I am sure some of you do too.

I wonder what you have lost? That is why we robbed the Tattenham Christmas Tree of it’s branches. Anyone can go and write down their feelings of loss and tie them to the tree. It is good to ‘count our blessings’ but it is also good to express how we feel about what we have lost.  You can read more about this here.