Monday 22nd February - Fairtrade Fortnight

22 FEBRUARY - 7 MARCH 2021
Fairtrade logoFor two weeks each year thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to share stories of the people who grow our food and drinks, mine our gold and grow the cotton in our clothes; people who are often exploited and underpaid.
Definition of fair trade
'Fair trade' is used to describe trading partnerships where companies in developed countries pay fair prices to producers in developing countries. However, fair trade is much more than pricing but also about supporting producers to grow their own businesses, helping them have an impact on their own communities, giving them direct access to markets, and bypassing corrupt local businesses and shady government officials.
Fair trade is about addressing a global imbalance of power, treating growers and artisans as equals, fighting discrimination, child welfare, and ensuring safe working conditions for artisans. Fair trade is about giving artisans and growers a voice, and listening to that voice.
What can I do?
Begin by swapping your regular coffee, tea or chocolate to a Fair Trade version and expanding this to many other products you buy regularly. Look for the Fair Trade symbol on products and choose those. If you find it hard to find FairTrade products then you can use the St Mark's Traidcraft shop, order and have goods delivered to your door!
Please contact Tricia Rutter by email:
I will drop off a catalogue to your address and you can email your order,once a week or once a month. It will take up to a week for the goods to be delivered and if there are any out of stock I will let you know ASAP. Club together with a neighbour or friends and family and buy in bulk and the cost of items will be cheaper. No delivery charge is made and 10% of all orders will go to help fund our Children’s and Familes' work. To find out more about FairTrade fortnight go to:
You will find an online festival to sign up for, a quiz about chocolate and much more. Go ..have a look!

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