Friday 19th February - Time for a closer walk with God

LENT: Time for a closer walk with God
as we reflect on our lives and prepare for Easter.
Some fasting, or giving things up.
Or doing kind things to show that we care,
As we focus on Jesus in devotion and prayer.

Sue Bean wrote these lovely words.

How can we act them out? Is there a way of giving things up and showing kindness because we want to walk closer to God as we prepare for Easter?

Can we sacrifice something to help out someone else? How about this idea: decorate a large cardboard box, (the type that delivers things from Amazon). Everyday choose from your food cupboard an item that you will put into the box. How about doing it as a family at a specific time each day e.g. at tea time and take it in turns to choose.

Talk about the choice. Is it something you really like or is it is easy to give it away?  When you have put the item in, thank God you have a food cupboard and ask God to bless whoever eventually receives this item of food.

When Lent ends - the items can be bought to church to be donated to the Food Bank.