Saturday 20th February - Darkness and Light

During these dark days we have had to learn to see things differently. Darkness makes us move closer in, whereas daylight has the capacity to scatter us. After the bright daylight the night time offers a balance. Darkness can be associated with terrible things and can leave us looking in hope, and even desperation, for the light at the end of the tunnel. Light and dark can be representations of good and evil, whereby God is the light that meets us and carries us through moments and places of darkness.

Or could it be that God is the darkness? Is he offering us physical darkness as a gift, a place of hibernation in which to hide or regenerate? The darkness is not a cause or symptom of our pain but a way through it and from the darkness emerges new life. Darkness and light are mutually dependent companions and both are necessary for life.

May the blessing of God
Who is darkness, love and light,
Enfold us each day and night
Now and always. Amen