Advent Day 9 - A Dawn Prayer

I wonder what time you woke up. I wonder if you were woken up by children (or a pet!) wanting breakfast, or the noise of the bin lorry, milkman, postman; an unwelcome intrusion into your dreams. Maybe you woke naturally early, before it was light and you lay in the quiet, maybe on your own. What were your first thoughts? The tasks for the day ahead, family or friends, worries, hopes, joys? Maybe those first moments for you feel like a ‘thin place.’ (Thin places are places where the eternal world and our physical world meet and mingle) and your thoughts easily turned to God.



Sue has sent us a prayer for today to encourage our first thoughts to do just this:

Lord God creator of all things, who in your loving kindness and care meets our human needs: with the dawn of this new day help me to set my heart and hope upon you, as I cast aside the works of darkness and put on the armour of light now as I await the fulfilment of your promise.Amen