Advent Day 7 - Snowflakes

In Christmas films it is nearly always snowing. It seems that a snow fall makes Christmas complete! But it seldom happens here does it. So let’s make do with pretend snow…or at a least a snowflake.

Cut a paper snowflake

See the attached sheet for instructions on how to do this - or you can look up on the internet as there are lots of  videos and also templates to download.
You can cut the paper with different combinations of straight and curvy line, different sizes of cutout, different paper.  Here is one I made.

SnowflakesUnfold the paper to see your snowflake. Use blu tack to attach it to a window, or make a garland by sticking them next to each other along the wall, or window.   

Make yours truly unique.  Every time you cut one it will be unique - just like a snowflake. No matter how many billions of them fall from the sky, there are never two the same.

One of these was made with tissue paper and one with the wrapper from a tea-cake!