Advent Day 20 - And Jesus will be born

It is the weekend before Christmas. A different Christmas for most of us probably, after a very different and for many, difficult year. A year of sadness and even loss. A year of new ways of doing things, new challenges, but maybe more stress.  I suspect that most children will still be expectant, hopeful. School is ended and it is nearly time to hang those stockings up. I wonder what they want…I wonder what you want…..

 Adrian Plass wrote:  
‘Now that we are supposed to be grown up, what shall we ask from our heavenly Father?
What would you ask for ?
Here’s my list'

I want to be touched by affectionate eyes,
I want to be welcomed when welcome is rare,
I want to be held when my confidence sighs,
I want to find comfort in genuine care.

I want to be given untakeable things
I want to be trusted with hearts that might break,
I want to fly dreaming on effortless wings,
I want to be smiled on when I awake.

I want to see sunsets with people who know,
I want to hear secrets that no one should hear,
I want to be guarded wherever I go.
I want to be fought for when dangers appear.

I want to be chained to the lives of my friends,
I want to be wanted because and despite,
I want to link arms when the foolishness ends
I want to be safe in the raging night.

I want to be sheltered although I am wrong,
I want to be laughed at although I am right,
I want to be sung in the heavenly song,
I want to be loved - I want to be light.’

From ‘And Jesus will be born’ by Adrian Plass