Advent Day 14 - Christmas in Heaven

When I'm in Heaven - Adrian Plass

When I’m in Heaven,
Tell me there’ll be kites to fly,
That kind they say you can control
Although I never did for long!
The kind that spin and spin and spin and spin
Then sulk and dive and die,
And rise again and spin again,
And dive and die and rise up yet again…
I love those kites.

When I’m in Heaven,
Tell me there’ll be friends to meet,
In ancient oak-beamed Sussex pubs
Enfolded by the wanton Downs,
And summer evenings lapping lazily against the shore
Of sweet familiar little lands inhabited by silence or by nonsenses,
The things you cannot safely say in any other place,
I love those times.

When I’m in Heaven,
Tell me there’ll be seasons when the colours fly,
Poppies splashing flame
Through dying yellow, living green
And autumn’s burning sadness that has always made me cry
For things that have to end,
For winter fires that blaze like captive suns
But look so cold when morning comes,
I love the way the seasons change.


When I’m in Heaven,
Tell me there’ll be peace at last,
That in some meadow filled with sunshine
Filled with buttercups and filled with friends
You’ll chew a straw and fill us in on how things really are,
And if there is some harm in laying earthly hope at Heaven’s door,
Or in this saying so,
Have mercy on my foolishness, dear Lord,
I love this world You made – it’s all I know.

When I’m in heaven
Tell me there’ll be Christmases without the pain
No memories that will not fade
No chilled and sudden sense of loss
That cannot face the festive flame
Nor breathe excitement from the ice-cream air
Tell me how the things that Christmas should have been
Will be there for all eternity in one long shining dawn
For all of us to share

I love the promises of Christmas.

Adrian Plass